Potential Inertia - Deluxe Edition

Potential Inertia - Deluxe Edition

Declan Holmes is graduating college, a hard enough time as it is, and heading out into the real world. The loss he experiences is like nothing he has ever known before. 'Potential Inertia' is the story of his journey through a very difficult time, and the relationships that can either build you up or tear you apart.

Starring: Matthew King, Sarah Shawgo

Written and Directed by: Matt Croyle

Production Company: One Fish Films

Past Screenings:
- Billy's in Oil City, PA (Local Premiere)
- The Commons in Franklin, PA
- The Mosaic Cafe in Oil City, PA
- Succop Theatre at Butler County Community College in Butler, PA
- The Oil City Library in Oil City, PA
- 2015 - The Boonies International Film Festival in Warren, PA (North American Premiere)
- 2016 - 6th Lumiere CinemAvveniere Film Festival in Rome, Italy (European Premiere)
- The Parkway Theater in McKees Rock, PA
- 2016 - Oil Valley Film Festival in Oil City, PA

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Potential Inertia - Deluxe Edition

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